Costa Arriba Island Tour

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Price$65 pp

  • Type : Island
  • individual

This full day boat adventure takes you to all the best islands on the coast in one day. We start the day with a relaxing tour through the mangroves where your guide will explain the amazing ecology and history of this fascinating organism. Looping round the coast, we head over to Isla Mamey where your guide will leave you alone with some snorkel gear to explore this deserted Caribbean island. When we say deserted, we mean deserted so make sure you take plenty of water and suncream! After a couple of hours of pure relaxation, your boat will be back to take you over to Isla Grande – the larger and more populated island in the area. Here you are free to explore the island, wander up to the lighthouse, chill in a beach-side bar with a beer or drop into a local restaurant or cafe for lunch. Our last stop in this incredible day is to Isla Linton to see if we can spot the spider monkeys.

Note: Please be aware that the amount of people on these islands varies dramatically – Friday, Saturday and Sunday sees lots of tourists coming up to enjoy the beach. If you prefer to see the islands with fewer people, we recommend you take this tour through the week. Alternatively, if you are looking for a snorkeling adventure, we recommend the Hidden Beaches and Snorkel Tour where the spots are chosen specifically away from lots of people to avoid disturbing the fishes!

  • 10:00 AM Start the day from Puerto Lindo

    We use the locals boat cooperative in Puerto Lindo, and work with experienced drivers the whole day.

  • 10:30 AM Go through the tunnel of love

    Go through the picturesque mangrove tunnels while your guide explains the delicate ecosystem

  • 11:15 AM Drop off at Isla Mamey

    We let you off on this small but beautiful tropical island with white sandy beaches to enjoy the day with some snacks and snorkel gear that are provieded

  • 12:15 Go to Monkey Island

    See the spider monkeys on Isla Linton and learn its unique history

  • 1:00 Lunch at isla Grande

    Go to Isla Grande and enjoy lunch and a drink right on the water. When you’re done, head down to the beach, or just explore the only permanently inhabited island in Costa Arriba!

  • 3:00 Head home!

    head on back to Puerto Lindo