Portobelo Historical Tour

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Price $30 pp

  • Type : All Ages
  • individual / group

Relive the days when Portobelo was the richest port in the world.  The gold and silver from South and Central America that was shipped back to the old world passed over “El camino Real” which began in Panama city and ended in Portobelo.

Walk around the ruined forts of Portobelo and hear tales of pirates and Spaniards as they fought over the riches of this forgotten port town. Our tour guide is a renowned expert in the history of the area and comes from Portobelo, Scotland – one of many places in the British empire named after this famous Town!
Our exclusive tour can be expanded to include a trip to the other side of the bay, where fort San Fernando sits. Forgotten and buried in the jungle, it will give you a taste of a true old ruin.

  • 10:30 AM Meet At Portobelo

    Meet our guide in Portobelo

  • 11:00 Start tour

    Start the tour

  • 11:30 Explore the forts

    Explore the San Felipe Church & original fort to be built in Portobelo

  • 12:45 Go home, or go on!

    Go home, or extend your trip to the other side of the bay to see the most pristine examples of forts away from the crowds!