The Ridgeline Hike

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Price$75 per person

  • Type : All Inclusive
  • individual / group
Our newest hike has been created due to popular demand to explore the breath-taking scenery that this particular part of the coast has to offer. We take you up to the highest point where we walk along the ridge line known as Cordillera Cortesa that stretches from Puerto Lindo to Jose Del Mar taking in spectacular views of the nearby islands and Portobelo bay. Spread over a full day, this hike will  take you well off the beaten track and as you can see from the pictures, the views really are incredible.
The ridge hike can be adapted so almost every group can participate. You can choose to start with an energetic scramble up a river bed (ropes included!), or take a more leisurely stroll up a longer, but far less strenuous slope. Once at the top we’ll stop to enjoy a home made picnic lunch and enjoy the views. On the descent into Jose del Mar we’ll explore the fascinating scenery and explain the area’s geology and natural history. For more details, please drop us a message.