05 Oct 2014

The Forgotten Coastlines of La Costa Arriba

The coastline of La costa arriba is so convoluted that many places get overlooked. One of these places is Majagual, which lies between Cacique and Jose Pobre. There are only one or two houses hidden there in a forgotten cove, but it boasts a beautiful tiny tropical island just a few dozen meters from shore. On the way, we found some Guanabana del monte, which roughly translates as “wild soursop”. Its quite good, but a bit more mucousy than its domesticated cousin!

We hope to be offering half day tours to your own private tropical island in Majagual soon! Legend has it one of the famous local pirates hid some silver here, and a few tantalizing coins were found in a crevasse in the rocks by the sea. On especially stormy days, locals will be out on the shoreline looking for coins that have washed up! The most successful stories we’ve heard have all been on this section of coast; many boats have been wrecked on Punta Esperanza¬† and Punta del Cortesa (both near Majagual) but i imagine it will take a more intimate knowledge of currents and locations to sleuth out any of that treasure ourselves!

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