Tesoro Verde Bothies

bothies          We would like to introduce our new “Bamboo Bothies”!  They are situated above the main house with beautiful views of the green forest below and the blue Caribbean beyond. They are beautifully simple as you can see but the concept was to build something that would provide shelter with the minimum barrier between the occupants and the surrounding nature. They are each equipped with a solar power generation system which provides led lighting and also energy for an inverter with 110v and USB outlets so you can charge camera batteries, phones, watch a movie on your tablet etc. If you take advantage of one of Heather’s Massages this is where you will be. So far they have only been available to friends and family but judging by their positive reactions we are sure they will prove popular with the more adventurous traveler who is looking for something new.

Contact us for availability tesoroverdepanama@gmail.com