12 Oct 2014

Helping dogs in Panama

We absolutely love our life out here, the views are breathtaking, the people are lovely and the weather… well, it definitely beats the English winter! But not everything is perfect. For a long time we have been saddened by the condition of some of the dogs here. Some are strays and some have owners, but often they do not have enough to eat and are riddled with fleas and mange. Today we learnt that our neighbours dog starved to death so we’ve decided we actually want to actively change things. We have setup a gofundme page and if anyone would like to contribute even a tiny bit, that would really help us break the cycle. The plan is very simple: Get money. Feed, medicate, and neuter/spay dogs.

You can help us (if you want to) by visiting our gofundme page and finding out more about how we plan to use any donations here http://www.gofundme.com/fq3htg

Thank you for reading and please share!

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