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16 Mar 2015

Horse Riding to Playa Blanca

We are really excited to finally be able to combine 2 of our most popular excursions – horse riding and a day trip to Playa Blanca! We start this amazing day from Puerto Lindo where we take the safari truck to the end of the road in Jose del Mar. From here we saddle up […]

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20 Jan 2015

Introducing the Ridge Hike!

We’re always explaining how stunningly beautiful this part of the world is and how unique it is to have mountains  covered in jungle overlooking caribbean islands. And now we’ve managed to put together a hike that proves it! Our new hike takes you up to the highest point where we walk along the ridge line […]

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29 Oct 2014

La Fiesta de los Mariscos: The best traditional seafood festival in Panama

Once a year in the sleepy town of Jose Pobre, people pour in from all over panama to experience one of the largest and most authentic seafood festivals in the country. Jose Pobre is at the end of the road on La Costa Arriba and the scenic coastline is virtually untouched except by local fisherman. […]

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18 Oct 2014

The History of Portobelo and the Black Christ

We had an amazing time yesterday on our Historical Tour around Portobelo with our wonderful tour guide Heather. The history of Portobelo is so rich and varied and includes tales of pirates, slaves, ship wrecks, corruption and more. It’s amazing to think that this small little village has a church that was originally built for […]

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12 Oct 2014

Helping dogs in Panama

We absolutely love our life out here, the views are breathtaking, the people are lovely and the weather… well, it definitely beats the English winter! But not everything is perfect. For a long time we have been saddened by the condition of some of the dogs here. Some are strays and some have owners, but […]

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05 Oct 2014

The Forgotten Coastlines of La Costa Arriba

The coastline of La costa arriba is so convoluted that many places get overlooked. One of these places is Majagual, which lies between Cacique and Jose Pobre. There are only one or two houses hidden there in a forgotten cove, but it boasts a beautiful tiny tropical island just a few dozen meters from shore. […]

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29 Sep 2014

Exploring Playa Blanca in the low season

Here’s a few of the pictures from our hike to Playa Blanca with Verena and Nelson. We started the day here at the farm house with coffee and cake before heading off. The day started off a little grey, but we were lucky and the sun came out as soon as we hit the beach. […]

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22 Sep 2014

Found a perfect place for a campground today!

Went out exploring today in some beautiful weather, and we found a perfect spot for camping on a hilltop overlooking all of Jose Pobre bay! Its nice and windy up there, far away from the mosquitos and the chitras. We will be talking with the landowners (our friend Tito) to hopefully have it ready for […]

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14 Sep 2014

Coiba Howler Monkeys chilling in the garden

If you’ve never heard a howler monkey before think death metal singer crossed with wolf!

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11 Sep 2014

Our kitten Taters with some baby chicks

Our mama cat and senior scorpion hunter had kittens a few weeks ago. This is the laziest one of the bunch, and he is adorable. However, we must raise him to believe he is a chicken, so he wont eat other chickens. We just got a whole brood of chicks too! it would be great […]

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