About Us

We are a small tour company based in the heart of the Portobelo National Park on the north coast of Panama. We offer guided tours to secluded areas of the Portobelo Wilderness and take pride in our extensive knowledge of the cultural and natural history of the area. We are all experienced explorers and hikers  that are passionate about sharing the most beautiful areas on earth while working hard to preserve and educate people about them. We work extensively with the local population to show that preservation and sustainability are important to the community as a whole, and not just to visitors.

We pride ourselves on high quality customer service, fast response times, and organization. We have been in Central America long enough to learn the ins and outs of getting things done on time, and we are proud to provide this service to our clients! We like to raise the bar by providing online bookings, payment, and a fully functional website.

We are also heavily involved in animal rescue and work hard to spay and neuter the dogs and cats in the area. We also help provide medicine to animals to help stop the spread of disease in our local area. If you’d like to support  or assist us in any way with our project, please email us about Panama Dog Rescue!